Why choose a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Your time spent on your business is priceless, but you can easily budget for mine.  By letting me take care of the administrative part of your business, you can invest your time where it is needed the most – improving your business bottom line.  Remember, there are only 24 hours in a day and I can help you to ensure that your time is spent efficiently.

Another reason that people use a VA is that employing someone may not be suitable if you have ever changing needs, are a start-up, scaling-up on a budget or simply looking to ‘test the waters’ for your future business plans.  You may also just require some day-to-day assistance with your personal life organisation and prefer the flexibility that having a VA offers.

Your business location is not an issue when choosing me as your VA, as I work for you remotely from my own premises.  However, should you require physical support, I can also offer this for businesses local to Cambridgeshire.

Your overheads when using me as your VA are limited to my time only, which can be budgeted for, with the most popular plan starting from £25.00 per hour.

There are several different plans available to fit with both your budget and business needs, allowing you keep control of your overheads.

With the flexibility of using me as your VA, you can ensure your business will adapt quickly to your changing business needs.