British Science Association

Working with the Chief Executive to ensure a smooth diary week on week, with occasional due diligence research and event management calls.

Sherry Coutu CBE

I worked as a Private Personal Assistant at the client’s home office to assist with all personal, home and family arrangements.  Duties ranged from filing, meeting with accountants, arranging annual domestic and security checks and ensuring all invoices were checked and paid promptly.

Net Academies

I worked with the Executive Head to manage her busy inbox and assist with diary requirements week on week.

Communique Telemarketing

Outgoing prospecting calls to the USA for Bentley Motors, to generate interest in the new model and arrange for a dealer to follow-up to book a test-drive.


Outgoing sales calls to generate interest in attending FISITA events being hosted in the UK and Geneva.

Best Antigua

Working with the founder, Calvin, to increase the website content, business development and sales calls to generate advertising income on the site.